Lilies of the Valley

March 17, 2021

Good News to Share

The numbers of Covid cases and their severity are all trending in a positive way in Arizona and in our part of the Valley.  The numbers of vaccines our members have gotten is increasing.  The CDC has published new and updated guidelines which allows for less social distancing.  All this means that we can approach Easter worship with a different mindset than we had at our Christmas celebration.


We do not have to limit attendance at any Easter service, so there will be no need to take reservations.  Instead, we will be able to open up the pews we previously roped off to allow worshipers to sit in the middle.  This way we will continue to seat worshipers on the aisles every other pew, and in the middle of every other pew.  Social distancing will still be in place; but we will easily accommodate an increase in attendance.


Slowly things are turning around.  Our sanctuary should be full for our Easter celebration at 9 and 11am.  Please come and invite your friends to join you. 


Pastor Tom

Mask Display

Mask Wearing Update

February 15, 2021

Dear Family and Friends of Fountain of Life,


Recent trends have shown a decline in the numbers of Covid-19 cases in Arizona.  Many of our members have received their first and even second vaccination shot.  Still others will soon be vaccinated.  This is good news.  However, we do not want this good news to lead to a relaxation in our safety protocols.  We must remain vigilant and careful for the sake of each other.

We will continue to be socially distant and carefully sanitize the facility after each use.  We will also continue to insist that masks be worn inside the facility at all times by all people.  The temptation will be to think that we are safe because we’ve been vaccinated and therefore do not need to follow these protocols.  The truth is far different.


Experts tell us that even when we have had the vaccine and developed immunity from the virus, we can still carry it and spread it to others.  Wearing a mask is for our own personal safety as well as the safety of others.  Out of concern for each other we must be sure that we are masked when we are indoors together.  And please remember that your mask must completely cover both your mouth and your nose.


This will remain our protocol until the medical experts tell us conditions have changed and it is safe to go back to the way things used to be.  God has been gracious in keeping our church family safe and healthy.  We need to continue in our prayers for each other and our efforts to keep each other healthy.


Pastor Tom


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