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Pastoral Update

January 4, 2021

Dear Family and Friends of Fountain of Life,


We have all been concerned by the recent rise in COVID-19 infections following the 2020 Christmas season. Your Church Council officially met this past Sunday, (Jan. 3) to discuss the health and safety of our congregation.  The meeting was very productive and the decision unanimous.


Our greatest concern is not to be the source of a continuing spread of the virus to our members and guests as well as insuring that our members have ready access to any medical care they may need should they contract the virus.  Therefore, it was decided that we would monitor two important metrics to guide any decisions that may be made in the future.  The first metric is the “percent positivity” rate, which now stands at 26%.  The second metric is hospital bed availability, which currently stands at 7%.


These are key numbers with great significance for our people.  Should the percent positivity rate reach 30%, or the hospital bed availability rate decline to 5%, we think it prudent that as a congregation we take appropriate measures to safeguard the health and safety of the people the Lord has entrusted to our care.


When the threat of the pandemic was first realized, we acted to move our worship from an “unrestricted in-person form” to an exclusively “on-line form”.  Later, when it was deemed safe, we adjusted to an “in-person while socially distanced form” of worship.  Should the metrics direct us to greater safety measures, we will once again move to an exclusively “on-line worship form” until it is prudent for us to resume “socially distant in-person worship”.


While we continue to monitor the metrics, we also want to encourage all of our people to follow the CDC’s guidelines, especially here at the church.  Wearing a mask while inside the building is a necessity!  Not attending services or meetings while you are sick or have been exposed to someone with the virus is also a necessity!  God has been extremely gracious in providing us with a quality alternative to being at the church in person through our recorded services available on the internet, DVD, or by transcript.


Please keep our entire church family in your prayers while we navigate through these next few weeks.  May our God, Who hears and answers our prayers, be protective of us all!


Pastor Tom  


Fountain of Life Lutheran Church

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