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Partners in Ministry

Everywhere you look today you see the word “partner” -- on billboards advertising banking services, in newspaper ads for insurance companies, on TV programs about nursing care, not to mention the number of Internet sites touting partners in their name.


Yet in the very place where being partners is so crucial to the organization’s mission,

we only talk about working together. That organization? The church.


Our mission is “making disciples of Jesus Christ.” How can we do that?

Only by being partners in ministry—clergy and laity together.


The partnership begins with the pastor and the lay leader; but it extends

to the whole congregation. We must have a clear understanding

that all baptized Christians are called into ministry.


Thomas R. Daly

Tom Daly.jpg

Senior Pastor

Pastor Tom Daly is a native Arizonan born in Tucson and raised in the West Valley.

His parents were both dance instructors with Arthur Murray,

and his father was the owner of the dance studio here in Phoenix.


Pastor Daly became a second career pastor, moving his family to Central Illinois.

Daly graduated from Pekin Community High School and Eureka College, both in Illinois.

Daly then attended seminary at Fort Wayne, Indiana, and received his first call to serve a congregation in Western New York, south of Buffalo in 1984.


He later served four different congregations in Central Illinois before

accepting the call to Trinity Lutheran Church in Fountain Hills in 2005,

where he served for fourteen years, before accepting the call to Fountain of Life.


Pastor Daly was installed at Fountain of Life Lutheran Church on September 22, 2019.